Copper Jug and 2 Glass Set

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Produced using unadulterated, pure copper.
Hand-created by talented craftsmans.
The set comprises of one container with two tumblers .
An extraordinary method for adding copper treated water in your everyday existence.
Simple to clean and keep up with.

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Copper is a characteristic enemy of oxidant. It assists with fortifying the resistant framework which prompts quicker recuperating of wounds and cuts. Water put away in a copper container stays cold for broadened hours and the regular enemy of bacterial properties of copper obliterate any microbes or microorganisms present in the water. Likewise, when contrasted with plastic or steel utensils, water put away in copper utensils remains new for longer.

This novel arrangement of copper container and tumblers is extraordinarily made for receiving the rewards of copper charged water. The pounding makes the copper unadulterated and furthermore expands the surface region which implies more copper is in touch with the water.

One normal issue looked while utilizing a copper vessel is the staining. The method for countering that is to routinely wash your copper utensil with lemon and salt or tamarind. To keep away from scratches from ordinary washing materials, utilize an old cotton fabric all things being equal. Additionally, cleaning it dry in the wake of cleaning will assist with keeping up with the sparkle.

  • Cleaning Instructions
  • aking care of your copperware is a lot simpler than you might have envisioned. With copperware, a small amount care makes a remarkable difference. This is the way you can make it happen.
  • All our copperware is produced using unadulterated copper and consequently is intended to discolor in the span of a little while after the utilization. It is totally commonplace and doesn't have anything to do with the nature of the item.
  • It is significant to clean the item routinely to keep up with its sparkle.
  • You can utilize a modern item, for example, Pitambari utilized explicitly for cleaning copper utensils. Assuming you live in India you can undoubtedly get it and in the event that you don't you can utilize any of the beneath referenced recipes.
  • A combination of table salt and new lemon juice (you can likewise utilize white vinegar rather than lemon). Rub this blend onto the surface until clean. Wash with plain water and wipe off the overabundance water promptly with a cotton fabric.
  • You can likewise utilize tamarind glue all things being equal. Absorb some tamarind in warm water. When it is delicate, utilize the mash to rub the outer layer of your copperware. Wash with water and wipe off the overabundance water with a cotton fabric.
  • Continuously clear off the overabundance water with a cotton fabric subsequent to washing your copperware. Assuming you neglect to do so water imprints will shape on the utensil which is difficult to dispose of later.
  • Make an effort not to rub your copperware with a rough scrubber as it might abandon scratches. Continuously utilize a cotton material to rub the outer layer of your copperware.
  • Follow the means as referenced above to keep up with the sparkle of your copperware and keep them new until the end of time.

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