Copper Hammered Bottle For Water Fresh

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Made of pure copper. 
 Authentic look and feel crafted by skilled hammering craftsmen. 
 A great way to start drinking copper-treated water. 
 Water stored in copper water bottles naturally stays cool. The 
's leak-proof lid makes it ideal for travel

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Ayurveda  praised the health benefits of  copper utensils and copper-treated drinking water. Even today's doctors claim that drinking water stored in copper vessels is incredibly beneficial for improving  overall health. Water stored in copper water bottles takes on the properties of copper and turns the water into charged copper. When consumed on an empty stomach, copper water can help with various health problems such as thyroid, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many others. 
 Contrary to popular belief that cleaning and maintaining copper plates is very difficult, cleaning this copper water bottle is quite easy. To clean it, you just have to follow the instructions that came with the product. Just make sure you don't scrub the surface of the product with an abrasive detergent.

  • Diameter : 6.8 cm
  • Height : 28 cm
  • Weight : 230-250 gm
  • Capacity: 950 ml

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