Bronze Kansa Vatki Cup foot massager

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  • Bronze Kansa Natural Vatki Cup Kansa Vatki foot massage
  • Massage tool based on Ayurveda
  • Metallic Bronze Bowl with rough surface for foot massage
  • Designed according to ancient Ayurvedic healing principles
  • Made of lead-free alloy of copper & tin with natural healing properties
  • Activates marma points on the feet for internal body stimulation
  • Aids in toxin removal and detoxification
  • Preferably used before bed for a relaxed sleep
  • Outer surface naturally
  • Can be used with any oil or clarified butter of choice
  • roughened for enhanced stimulation without skin damage

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Bronze Kansa Vatki Bowl, the ultimate Ayurvedic foot massage tool for restoring balance and revitalizing the body. Experience the ancient practice of Padabhyanga, an Ayurvedic ritual that enhances energy flow and promotes overall well-being. By massaging the feet with circular motions using the Vatki, you stimulate the vital Marma points, allowing stagnant energy to move and toxins to be eliminated. Crafted from pure bronze, our flamed and gently roughened bowl surface provides a therapeutic massage experience. Ideal for therapists, spas, and self-use, this compact and sturdy tool offers effective results. Unlock the benefits of improved immunity, detoxification, and balanced Doshas with regular use. Discover the power of FootEase Bronze Kansa Vatki Bowl for a renewed sense of vitality.

Bronze Kansa Natural Vatki Cup Kansa Vatki foot massage

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